Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to replace the Yongnuo 468 YN468 hotshoe

I didn't even realize I broke the hotshoe on my flash until I put it on and it just fell right off the camera.  The shoe itself was still screwed onto my camera and some wires were dangling.  First thought - this is trash.
I saw the wire connector was actually detachable.  The 4 tiny screws holding it down were still on, the actually damage was the plastic casing.
I started going through e-Bay for another flash to replace it.  Then I decided to search for "Yongnuo hotshoe".   And guess what, they actually sell them for $10 free shipping from China.

After about 2 weeks it arrived. Basically you attach the wire connector and 4 screws - thats it! So don't trash it - DIY it!
20130530_IMG_6069 Yongnuo468 20130530_IMG_6073 Yongnuo468 20130530_IMG_6074 Yongnuo468