Monday, April 25, 2011

Pacquiao vs Mosley: Fight Camp 360 shot on DSLRs

I just watched episode 2 of Pacquiao vs Mosley 360 (by Showtime) and noticed a couple or DSLRs and RodeMics here and there. There was an obvious scene too where the background was so blurred you knew it was a DSLR, it then cuts to the opposite shot where it's confirmed - camera right on a monopod. I'm not sure if it was entirely shot on DSLRs since there were so many other cameras too. I personally still like HBO's 24/7 storytelling and narration better. But Fight Camp 360 gets me hyped up for this fight nonetheless.

First American Idol, now Manny Pacquiao rocking Dr. Dre's Beats Studio Headphones.
I'll have to put that on my Father's Day wish list.

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