Friday, November 18, 2011

where is the Roku remote?

I never realized how dependent I've been on using the Roku for watching TV. Ever since we cut our cable services, that was a savings of about $100 a month. Most of the time we are watching Netflix anyways. I have 16 month old that plays with everything and sometimes things go missing in the house. Last night, I could not find my remote control for the Roku...ugh. I figured I will find it tomorrow or it will appear when I'm not looking for it. But I decided to go online and buy an extra remote. Just my luck it was on sale for $1.99, yes thats it. I ordered two just in case it disappears again. You can buy a Roku for as low as 49.99 now, the new versions even have Angry Birds built in. Tired of cable fees? Cut the cord - get a Roku!

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